Ace Your Exam With Quality Study Tips

Ace Your Exam

How to Ace Your Exam

We know you are worried about failing, so we teach you to prepare to ace your exam so you can make sure you do it right.

Taking a good exam starts by devoting quality time to your preparation and study days.

Follow this short guide to successfully pass your next exams and review the way you study.

It is very important that, during the exam, you are able to write your ideas calmly and distribute the time you have to take the test well.

How feared and anxious are the days before an exam and how many mistakes we make in the previous weeks and promise never to do it again!

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Follow an active and programmed learning process, also adjusted to the type of exam test, written, oral, practical.

Dedicate the day before to review, reinforce and strengthen.


Design, search and perform exercises and exams very similar to the one to be performed, adjusting times, reviewing responses and learning from mistakes.


Believe in our own capacity, value our knowledge and proper preparation and, of course, rely on our competence to perform the test properly.


Arrive rested, with sufficient time, with the necessary material. Before starting, try not to review, or talk about the exam and avoid nervous partners.


Know, distribute and control the time available to perform the entire test, and to answer each question. Read, plan, write, review.

Self control

Focus on positive thoughts. If we remain blank, tranquility will help us remember and we can always move on to the next question and return to it later.


Follow the instructions, read the statements carefully and the information they provide us. Know the value of each question and the scoring system.


Adjusting to what they ask. Following these guidelines: Summarize, define, schematize, compare, develop … And if possible, do not leave questions blank, answer at least with some idea, a scheme.


Take care of the content, structure, rigor, form, calligraphy, spelling, grammar and presentation, so as to facilitate the correction to the examiner.

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Reread, review and review all content before submitting it. Confirm that it was answered correctly.

If possible, go to the subsequent review of the exam to learn. Evaluation exercises are a challenge and a learning opportunity.

They are also an occasion to demonstrate that a series of knowledge that we will probably have to apply later in real environments has been acquired, assimilated and internalized.

Whatever the result of an exam, remember that the grade is not a measure of personal worth.

It is the result of the performance at a specific time, product not only of knowledge and skills but also of the effort and level of preparation, the degree of self-control and the way in which this specific test has been effectively carried out.